Another Reason Why Women Are Incompatible with the Marine Corps

July 29, 2019 by Drew

As if there weren’t already an adequate amount of subject matter to conclude that women are incompatible with the military, politicians have presented one more token of incongruity. They’re calling it the MOMS Leave Act. It’s a hypothetical bill that, if passed, would grant military mothers an entire year of paid maternity leave… Read more

Good Riddance to Another ‘LGBTQ’ Month

July 1, 2019 by Drew

After thirty, long days of the LGBTQ community gallivanting in the streets and shouting “Me, Me, Me,” it’s finally over. I realize I already sound like a homophobe, since as the politically, polarizing argument would assume, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” But imagine how that argument would play out if there were… Read more

There Is a Flying, Black Crisis.

June 26, 2019 by Drew

If anyone deserves citizenship, it’s black flies. That way we can convict them for their egregious crime-streak. These criminals are currently gallivanting around the Midwest, wreaking havoc on the innocent, and nobody is doing anything about it. So, I will be the first to say it: these flesh-eating parasites need to be behind bars… Read more