As we enter a zenith of ignorance and incuriosity, it has become apparent that mainstream media has devolved into a complete circus. This phenomenon is also frequently referred to as “clown world” by right-leaning online trolls. However, the alt-left has already redefined “clown world” to be an alt-right propaganda meme. So, I’m just going to lay low here and custom the euphemism of circus.    

Since President Trump’s election in 2016, we have witnessed a distinct shift in many mainstream news networks. Whereas once the role of a news network was to report non-partisan news, they are now being clearly repurposed by adopting the “watchdog role”.

The “watchdog role” is the obligation for a journalist to inform the public of matters that may cause them harm. It is plain to see how this role is quick to cause more harm than good. By advocating a watchdog role, journalists and news networks are inclined to warn the public of matters that are bound to cause harm to – wait for it – their personal political agendas.

So instead of news networks publishing non-partisan reports, we now have reports that are agenda-setting; seeking to influence the public for political gain. Their preferred mode: fear.  

The reality about contemporary mainstream media is that the majority of what is reported is trivial, due the fashion in which it is presented. If there is a matter worthy of reporting to the public, like a shooting or a natural disaster, it quickly becomes diluted by the baroque nature of the reporting.

A mass shooting quickly turns into a two-part interview with a liberal arts professor, discussing why white nationalism and the 2nd Amendment are to blame for the death of innocent civilians. A natural disaster becomes a campaign against climate change. A public service announcement from the President devolves into a quote taken out of context and repurposed to present Trump as a racist.

Speaking of President Trump. Here is a quote from the President, following the 2017 conflict that arose in Charlottesville over the controversial decision to remove the statue of General Robert E. Lee.

“Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups.”

Despite the President’s punctual responses to every incidence of violence that has occurred since his inauguration, and the countless times that he has spoken out against racism and hate, mainstream media incessantly reports him to be the exact opposite of what he claims to be.

To name a few perpetrators, CNN did it here, The New York Times did it here, The Atlantic here, Vox here, HuffPost here, USA Today here, and former President Obama even did it here, courtesy of CNN.

I just served you a list of news sites to abstain from on a silver platter, and since we’re on the topic of mainstream media being a circus, I will throw Fox News into the mix, despite my conservative views.

Media, specifically newsroom media, has become entertainment. Entertainment, as we know, is reliant upon evoking emotions; drama is unnaturally added to the narrative by forging stereotypes, structuring caricatures, and raising tension.

So, Leftist media is assuming the watchdog role by claiming that the half of America who voted for Trump is a Nazi, and Rightist media is assuming their watchdog role by rebuking and debunking every claim from the left. The latter only being natural for a party who elected the first President to ever publicly lambaste mainstream media and essentially coin the term “fake news”.

Fake news indeed.

There is an abundance of dishonest reporting, and American citizens are fed up.

All in all, mainstream media is failing the public. The media is a public service and they are currently triumphing at providing an onslaught of disservice.

What is the solution?

The solution starts with you and I.

The resolution to this “clown world”, both republican and democratic, is to deliberately choose what you consume.

This logic is the same with dieting. If you want to be healthy, eat healthy food. If you want to be an unhealthy, overweight, depressed pig, then eat garbage.

If you want good news, find non-partisan news.

It exists.

A new site that I recommend is They report brief, non-partisan news. They will also give you links to other websites from the left, the center, and the right, so you can check for yourself. If you’re interested in a story, check multiple reports and corroborate.

In the meanwhile, abstain from Vox, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, The Atlantic, CNN, Fox News, and Breitbart. They’ve all become TMZ. If you would voluntarily watch TMZ, you’re incurable, go crazy. If that’s not you, then steer clear.

2 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Is a Circus

  1. Totally agree, Drew. I used to read The Daily Wire a lot, but I realized that most of the articles focus on totally irrelevant things, and the main purpose of reading said articles is to feel outraged at the world. Now I just read TheSkimm in the mornings.


    1. Same here. It’s become TMZ. It’s turned into this world where every new article or video is just an attempt to ridicule and rebuttal everyone with an opposing view. I’ll check out The Skimm. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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