After thirty long days of the LGBTQ community gallivanting in the streets and shouting “Me, Me, Me,” it’s finally over.

I realize I already sound like a homophobe, since as the politically, polarizing argument would assume, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.”

But imagine how that argument would play out if there were a straight pride parade or a white pride parade or a male pride parade? A straight pride parade would seem like an insult to the homosexual community, and a white pride parade would construe the message that all attendees are white supremacists, and a male pride parade would seemingly promote misogyny.  

So, is there a possibility that I’m not against the LGBTQ community, and that I’m instead against any movement that promotes pride?

For when has pride ever been considered a virtue? The fundamental apex of all virtues is humility, and as we know, pride is the opposite of humility. So, why would anyone celebrate something as egregious as pride?

If white pride or heterosexual pride or male pride only has the potential of causing dissension, then why should anyone expect gay pride or trans pride or queer pride to be any different?

The answer revolves around the issue of oppression.

The political left purports pride to be a virtue as long as the community has faced oppression, and pride parades to be acceptable for the purpose of liberating the oppressed community.

However, the fight for gay rights is over.

It’s not 1960. It’s 2019. Gays currently have the same rights as everyone else. Gay marriage was made legal by the Supreme Court in 2015, and discrimination against employees is virtually impossible without the EEOC tying a noose around your neck.  

Are there still bigoted meanie pants out there willing to throw out a discriminatory epithet? Of course, but a parade won’t save you. A hate speech bill might, but then we’d all be truly oppressed.  

The political oppression of the LGBTQ community is ancient history. If there’s an argument for oppression, it is the oppression that this community has brought upon themselves.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 92% of HIV diagnoses for teenage boys and men in their early twenties are directly linked to homosexual sex, and congenital syphilis infection rates among homosexual men have been on the increase every single year since the turn of the millennium.

Are these matters of oppression? Or are they, as LGBTQ Pride Month would insinuate, matters to be proud of?

What about the 41.8 percent of transgender youths that have attempted suicide? What about the epidemic of handing out hormone blockers to children who are not old enough to have sex or have a vote in political matters?

This is most certainly oppression.

Instead of approaching the issue of gender dysphoria as a psychological issue, the LGBTQ community incites mayhem by promoting it as a point of pride. Once again, celebrating pride only results in conflict.

It’s hard to tell what LGBTQ History Month is truly about. If it’s about celebrating the freedom from oppression, then the community should reevaluate where the majority of the “oppression” is coming from. If it’s simply about celebrating that you’re prideful, then that’s fundamentally obtuse.

It’s nonsense to be proud of something arguably inherent.

If you want to be proud of something, be proud of the 7,000 military members that have died fighting the War on Terror, so that you can keep your freedom here, granting you the abundant liberty to throw a silly pride parade.

Political oppression against the LGBTQ community is a non-issue. If the LGBTQ community wants freedom over their private lives, then how about not throwing a massive, public parade that revolves around your private lives.

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